Gumball's cabinet sings Elmore, We Will March for Humanity Rights. It also had an extended version:

Receive our salute. You died an honorable death. The prom dancers fell, but thousands newly arise. The anthem roars ahead of the 2D and 3D armies through this live-action homeland. The militas are ready to follow their paths. The flags are half-lowered before the dead who still alive, whose we swear, that the day had come for forgiveness and revenge. The Chehens will never forget as long as we say "We will never forget".

It was just a part of a funeral.

Interviewers (from survivor voice recording website)Edit

  • Kiku Honda (white Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force uniform, white tank top, brown leather shoes)

Narrator (from documentary/survivor voice recording website)Edit

Mic Graves (white counter-terrorism protest T-shirt, blue jeans, green Nike sneakers)

Survivors in Elmore Jr. High School (becoming agents in Japanese Theater against the Imperial Japanese Army)Edit

  • Anais Watterson (pink bow, white short-sleeved blouse, pink overall dress, black heels)
  • Carrie (white skull bow, red strapless dress)
  • Chozu Goldbrooke (black bowtie)
  • Damiel Goldbrooke-Fitzgerald (light purple long-sleeved dress shirt, blue jeans, pink and white sneakers)
  • Darwin Watterson (black top hat with red stripe, black bowtie, brown leather shoes)
  • Fireball Watterson (light blue short-sleeved polo shirt, brown jeans)
  • Gumball Watterson (white long-sleeved dress shirt, gray bowtie, black jacket, gray slacks)
  • Molly Collins (light blue short-sleeved blouse, red necklace, pink skirt)
  • Nicole Watterson (white pearl necklace, red short-sleeved blouse, rainbow badge, gray skirt, black heels)
  • Penny Fitzgerald (black sleeveless dress, orange and white handbands, black heels)
  • Penny Fitzgerald's Sister (white sleeveless dress, black heels)
  • Rachel (black sleeveless dress, white belt, matching white long gloves, black heels)
  • Richard Watterson (yellow short-sleeved dress shirt, orange bowtie, charcoal jacket, orange cummerbund, charcoal slacks, black shoes)


  • Jamie (red sparkling sleeveless dress)