Cpt. Gumball "Tristopher" Watterson

"The name is Watterson. Gumball Watterson."

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New Spies (Wattersons Part)

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Lhasa, Tibet
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as:
  • Agent Gumball
  • Captain Gumball
  • Mr. Watterson
  • Nephew Gumball
  • Watterson
Species: Cat
Date of Birth: April 16, 1999 ACC
Place of Birth: Elmore, Republic of Elmore, Toonatopia
Date of Death: None
Place of Death: None
Revived: None
Cause of Death: None
Age: 12.5
  • Hu Jintao (Uncle)
  • Hu Jintao's Cabinet (Aunts & Uncles)
  • Liu Yongqing (Aunt-in-Law, Deceased, Killed in Action)
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: "The Fridge" (original)

"Global Warfare Adventures of SpongeBob SquarePants: From China with L☭ve: 0016" (final concept)

  • Logan Grove (English)
  • Junko Takeuchi (Chinese)
Occupations: Paintball Soldier (also acting like an 00 Agent)
Nationality: American
Looks: Animated/2D
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Quotes/Gumball Watterson (Paintball Star Battalion)

Gumball's Scrapbook
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Gumball's uncle Jintao

People's Royal Liberation Army Captain Gumball "Tristopher" Watterson, ISS was a paintball soldier who sole himself and his own battalion as super secret special spy agency called the International Super Spies as new recruits. He is also a clone of President Gumball Watterson.

He was a Secret Service agent, code number 0016, residing in Lhasa but active internationally. He was a composite character who was based on a number of commandos whom Nazario knew during his celebrity career, to whom Nazario added his own style and a number of his own tastes; Gumball has a number of character traits, including an enjoyment of cars, a love of food and drinks that were all shaken and an average intake of sixty custom-made bubble tobbacco cigerattes a day.

Long ago, not certainly in his military career, he was at the 1996 ACC Olympics along with the others at an Olympic paintball finals event.


Gumball is a light blue cat. On his oversized head, he has six whiskers but most of the time only five are visible because his head is always shown at an angle. He usually wears yellow googles, green camoflague one-piece military uniform, light green gloves, matching boots, dark gray knee pads and matching elbow pads. He is the only member of the Wattersons without visible eyelashes.