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  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Electric Light Orchestra
  • Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Character DesignEdit

  • Matthew Jabez P. Nazario
  • Naval Fitzgerald


  • Hu Jintao's Private Jet
  • Lhasa Gonggar Airpot Airport Runway 59
  • United Nations Conference Room


Uh-oh! Jintao must having a mid-life crisis. He needs their help to destin to make his life earlier forever. If he was trapped, everyone will be also trapped by the Tickle Table Mark II, this time with other functions, including a laser beam. Will the Paintball Star Battalion rescue them?

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Lhasa Gonggar Airport Hotel RestaurantEdit

  • SpongeBob: Oh, Mr. Jintao, this dinner has been so wonderful. All those national foods here in the People's Republic of China was cooked to perfection. I think I could eat another bite.
  • Jintao: 哦,我怀疑的是,指挥官海绵。 (Oh, I doubt that, Commander SpongeBob.)
  • SpongeBob: You are spoiling me, Mr. Jintao. Foot rubs between courses, caricatures and imported music...
  • [A live-action ancient Tibetan plays a piano]
  • Jintao: 一切都对你有好处,:指挥官海绵。 (Everything is good for you, Commander SpongeBob.)
  • SpongeBob: Well, what I am trying to tell you, you are...
  • Tibetan Waiter: 先生?华德信彩弹射击集团正等着你。 (Sir? The Watterson Paintball Group is waiting for you.)
  • SpongeBob: Wonderful! Mr. Jintao, your nephews and nieces awaits.
  • [Two mens carry Jintao to the Watterson Paintball Group]
  • Jintao: 再见了,指挥官海绵宝宝!我会看到你在终端上等候室。 (Goodbye, Commander SpongeBob! I will see you later on the terminal waiting room.)
  • [A waiter sighs as he hands a bill]
  • Waiter: Your bill, sir.
  • SpongeBob: Bill? What? 100,00 Yuan? Well, this can be possibly correct.
  • [SpongeBob hands his 100000 Yuans as his Yuans are still in remain]
  • SpongeBob: Thank you.
  • Waiter: 欢迎您。 (You are welcome.)

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