Global Warfare Adventures of SpongeBob SquarePants: Pets in Black: Combined AssaultEdit

Korean SeaEdit

USS Colorado SubmarineEdit

  • Agent G: Gentlemen, listen up. The human North Koreans have another attempt to invade Seoul to seek the reunification to the Koreans to have a future Greater Korean People's Empire, a proposed communist abosute or constitutional monarchy to annex us all, including the United States. Are everyone understand?
  • [Live-action US Marines salute]
  • US Marines: Sir, yes, sir!
  • Agent R: Alright, men! Let us do it. US Navy SeALs in position.
  • [Live-action human SEaLs march. A red alert is heard]
  • Agent N: Communications. Send them in. Fireteam Alpha moving in from the south! Darn it. March on to Pyongyang!
  • [Live-action Fireteam Alpha marches away]
  • Agent T: Go, go, go!
  • [Everyone marches]
  • Agent A: Command center, grab your weapons!
  • [Live-action soldiers grab live-action WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War and War on Terror weapons]
  • Soldiers: Go, go, go! Hurry, hurry, hurry!
  • Agent D: Everyone, we are near. Advise the Republic of Korea Army, now.
  • [Everyone march away]
  • Agent G: Please, uncle Myung-Bak, sir. Everytime you were born in Osaka, we will all be able to move on, eh?
  • SpongeBob: Sir, the humans are ceased to exist just only in Elmore, but even humans still do exists almost totally around the globe. All humans can only live on real life.